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Huskies Athletics

Cardinal High School

Huskies Athletics

Cardinal High School

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1 month ago @ 4:03PM

Soccer Restrictions Phase 1


Boys/Girls’ Soccer Tentative Return to Action Plan (Phase 1)

  • Workouts daily (day/time?)

  • Pre-Workout Screening

    • Coaches will be responsible for monitoring symptoms of ALL participants prior to each workout

    • Symptom check will be recorded by the coach and submitted to Athletic Director daily to maintain and assure compliance (Daily Monitoring form)

    • Any student showing symptoms of any kind will be sent home immediately. 


  • Workout rules

    • Groups not to exceed 10 (8 players, 2 coaches)

    • No sharing of equipment (includes balls)

    • Shirts and shoes should be worn at all times.

    • Groups will remain constant to avoid cross-exposure

    • Workouts will run no longer than 90 minutes. (per group)

    • Masks are encouraged when not training

    • Soccer balls will be disinfected before and after each session (Phase 2)

    • Everyone in attendance must stay 6 feet apart at all times - no exceptions


  • Facility Procedures (asking parents for donation of sanitizing wipes or sprays for equipment)

    • Coaches only will set up goals, cones - no crossover

      • Hand Sanitizer applied frequently

    • Bathrooms will be open but may only be used one person at a time - emergency basis only

    • Water fountains may not be used. Each athlete must bring their own water or they will not be permitted to participate. 

    • No team benches

    • Locker room use will not be permitted. Athletes should come ready for their workout and bring with them the bare minimum that they need to participate

  • Documentation

    • Coaches will be expected to document the following

      • Symptom Check

      • Equipment sanitation records

      • Attendance of ALL individuals present at each session (Finalforms)

    • A reporting system will be created prior to the start of workouts that will need to be completed and returned to the Athletic Director daily. (GOOGLE SHEET)


Phase 2 will begin approximately June 9th if things go well and coaches/students are doing what they should.  The major changes in phase 2 are the use of balls and the number of people on outside facilities increases to 50 maximum.

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