Huskies Athletics

Cardinal High School


Huskies Athletics

Cardinal High School

Huskies Athletics

Cardinal High School

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Request for Transportation Release


OHSAA Sportsmanship Guide

OHSAA Sportsmanship.pdf

MRSA information for athletes


MRSA information for parents



Chagrin Valley Conference

Geauga County Maple Leaf
Online coverage of our teams and events.

Positive Coaching Alliance
PCA works to transform youth sports so sports can transform youth. Their goal is to develop "better athletes, better people."

PCA Development Zone
Resources to help develop better athletes, better people.

NCAA Eligibility Calculator
Dynamite Sports provides a FREE web-based NCAA Eligibility Calculator that will automatically calculate their core gpa, display what corresponding test scores they need, and show you how many credits they still need in each subject. And yes, it even includes the NEW 2016 eligibility requirements! We also import your school's APPROVED NCAA Core Course list directly from the NCAA's website and into our calculator for you. Setup is easy and your application is FREE by using the promotional code "counselor". Turn your computer's audio on, then CLICK on the link to view a short demo After viewing the demo, scroll down that page and fill out the registration form. We will email you the "User Instructions" and your login to get started.

NCAA Eligibility Center High School Portal

Ohio High School Athletic Association website

OHSAA Concussion Information and Return to Play Law

WKYC Report on Helmet Safety
Virginia Tech and Wake Forest University evaluated 18 different types of helmets and released a "STAR" Rating System. Ratings are based on laboratory testing and on-field biomechanics in college games only. WKYC has collected information regarding the types of helmets high school football players are using in Northeast Ohio.

Get the Nutrition Edge
OHSAA Sports Nutrition Handout

Fluid Replacement and Hydration

Heat Stress and Athletic Participation
NFHS Guide to Heat Related Illness

General Guide for Sports Hygiene, Skin Infections, and Communicable Diseases