Huskies Athletics

Cardinal High School


Huskies Athletics

Cardinal High School

Huskies Athletics

Cardinal High School

Letter to Parents & Fans

Success. That is the ultimate goal here in the Cardinal Local School District.  By far, our number one priority is the learning that occurs inside the classroom, but interscholastic, athletic competition is an important extension of that learning. In the athletic department, the victory is measured not by the final score, but by how well we help educate, prepare, and enhance the skills our student athletes need to become successful in life. By participating in interscholastic activities, our student-athletes learn much more than how to play their particular sport.  They learn about making commitments and the accountability that is necessary to see those commitments through to their conclusion.  They learn about the value of hard work and how to work with others in pursuit of worthy objectives.  They learn how to overcome difficulties and to persist through adversity.  Ultimately, they learn the “grit” that is necessary to achieve success in any undertaking.


Through their participation in interscholastic athletics, we hope that our students learn to embrace our core values of:


  1. Commitment

  2. Responsibility & Accountability

  3. Tenacity

  4. Integrity

  5. Unity (teamwork)


Athletic competition requires participants to reach for the best within themselves, to push through adversity, and to learn how to respond to the circumstances of life.  We are successful when we become the best of which we are capable of becoming.


We are excited about the 2020-2021 season and hope you will join us in supporting the efforts and achievements of our student-athletes.





                                    Jimmy Soltis

                                    Athletic Director